Dienstag, August 29, 2006

Tux on the box

Finally it's done! After one year of using only software I have licences for, it's about time to risk the step back to linux. The week end and the hangover after Friday's party made room for the installation. I chose Ubuntu in order to give gnome a try. The installation was quite tricky due to some IBM specific issues (mainly the Rescue partition and SATA) but the configuration (at least until now ;-) was surprisingly easy. Most things (like wifi, hibernation/standby, audio, Fn keys, usb plug'n'play, ...) just worked out of the box, only some IBM pecularities still don't work. You can find more details in my installation log in the ThinkWiki. Those old Suse 5.2 / 6.4 days are really gone.

The best surprise was how good Xgl/Compiz is working and how easy it was to get it running. I really love those nice features, it just feels handy (and I love F12). Didn't think it would run that fast on my laptop. I hope to add some proofing pictures in the next days. Let's see how long my euphoria will hold on and when it'll switch to disillusion, 'cause I can't get things done. But at the moment I'm feeling quite optimistic.